Battery Cell Testing & Technology

State-of-the-art Battery Technology Centres (BTC) and Pilot Plants

Leveraging our world class Battery Technology Centres, technical capabilities and know-how, EVM is well equipped to offer battery cell testing services enabling customers to innovate through iterative R&D.

EVM has world class assets in the United Kingdom for commercialisation and scaling of Battery Cell Technology services for customers in the UK, Europe and USA. EVM’s Battery Technology Centres offer the capability to produce high nickel precursor and Cathode Active Materials (CAM) at bench scale and manufacture cells all within the same facility. Testing of material and cells can be completed on site at various stages of the process to assess characteristics and performance with a wide range of analytical techniques and equipment.

Given the growing demand for battery production in UK and Europe, EVM is working to develop plans to commercialise its cell testing proposition to enable cell manufacturers to utilise its world class facilities to test and refine battery chemistry and performance. The Centres feature over 1,000 test channels ranging from 5 Amp/H capacity to 25 Amp/H capacity, with pilot lines and cell tear down and analytical laboratories.