Nickel Chemicals Plant

Future optionality for the production of high purity nickel chemicals

EVM has plans to develop a large-scale midstream processing plant to produce high purity battery chemicals required in nickel rich lithium-ion batteries. Our future plans include the design and construction of a Nickel Chemicals Plant to produce high purity chemicals including Nickel Sulphate Hexahydrate (NSH), Cobalt Sulphate Heptahydrate (CSH) and Manganese Sulphate Monohydrate (MSM).

Stage 1 construction will initially comprise 1 processing train to produce 150,000 tpa of high purity NSH, with state 2 offering optionality to scale up to a total of 3 trains with a combined production capacity of 450,000 tpa of NSH, plus CSH and MSM.

Image of EVM Nickel Chemicals Plant

Scalable up to


Processing Trains



of NSH per train plus CSH and MSM

Total production


of NSH plus CSH and MSM (3 trains)