Oxford Battery Technology Centre (BTC)

EVM’s Oxford BTC is a state-of-the-art research and development facility dedicated to high-nickel pre-cursor cathode active materials development and testing capability for fast, collaborative, iterative product development.

The Oxford facility is a new battery technology centre commissioned in 2020 and officially opened in 2021. The centre features high-specification laboratory equipment for scientific development, cell manufacturing equipment for coin cells to multilayer pouches, analytical equipment for material testing, cell testing equipment, a large dry room, spray dryers and ovens.

Billingham Battery Technology Centre and Pilot Plant

EV Metals Group’s Billingham Battery Technology Centre, established in 2017, is a cutting-edge facility focused on the development and production of cathode active materials (CAM).

This multi-million-dollar complex boasts a pilot plant capable of producing 10 tons of cathode active materials (CAM) annually, with scalability up to 60 tons, featuring advanced wet and dry processing capabilities for end-to-end precursor and CAM manufacturing. Additionally, the centre hosts an application hub for in-process and final product testing, complemented by an R&D laboratory for experimentation. The facility includes a 350m² Battery Technology Centre with a dedicated 70m² dry room for customised sample processing.