About Nickel

Nickel is a critical battery metal vital to the clean energy transition.

Nickel plays a central role in the development of rechargeable batteries and renewable energy storage systems, holding critical mineral status among key government agencies.

Nickel is a key compound used in cathodes for rechargeable batteries and renewable energy storage. The use of nickel in lithium-ion battery chemistries provides higher energy density and increased storage capabilities at lesser costs. These nickel rich batteries contain the valuable element in the cathode to facilitate increased performance and longer driving range. The coming years will likely see an explosion in demand with the International Energy Association predicting an increase of around 65 percent by the end of the decade.

Nickel EVM
Nickeliferous Mineralisation min scaled

Increasing global demand for responsibly sourced nickel

There is a global recognition of the importance of policy interventions to guarantee sustainable and transparent supplies of nickel, nickel intermediate products and nickel chemicals.

Governments around the world are placing growing pressure on original equipment manufacturers to utilise raw materials that are responsibly sourced from geopolitically aligned countries with high ESG credentials. As such, ethical sourcing and responsible mining and refining is expected to become increasingly important. With a commitment to a clean energy future, EVM is focused on developing vertically integrated, sustainable supply chains for high purity battery chemicals based on responsibly sourced nickel feedstock, serving global markets.