Our Vision & Purpose

Our Vision

To build a global battery chemicals and technology business for a clean energy future.

Our vision is a statement of intent that guides every facet of our operations, steering us towards becoming a global player in the production of high purity battery chemicals. It underpins our commitment for a clean energy future and inspires and motivates us to make a difference for future generations.

Our Objective

To create value through integrated supply chains for high-purity battery chemicals by building market-leading, global businesses as structural deficits in supplies emerge over the next decade.

At EVM, we appreciate the growing demand for high purity battery chemicals and the inherent need for transparent and geopolitically aligned supply chains to fuel the global energy transition. With expected deficits in high purity chemicals anticipated by 2030, our objective is to establish resilient and integrated supply chains, delivering value to our shareholders, stakeholders and the communities that we operate in.

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